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Rare or orphan diseases
— affect less than 1 in 2000 people. Although these diseases are rare, orphan patients are not uncommon.
Today 5% of the population of Ukraine have rare diseases. If united, we could get to a million-plus city. Most of these patients are children.
Rare diseases
are mostly genetic and incurable, and therefore patients require lifelong and expensive treatment. Without regular treatment, diseases progress rapidly, affect quality of life and become life-threatening. According to the statistics of the last 5 years in Ukraine:

  • 80% of patients with rare diseases die before the age of 5 due to lack of diagnostics and qualified treatment;
  • 65% of cases of rare diseases have a severe disabling course;
  • 50% of cases - a worsened prognosis for life.

People with rare diseases require medicines and medical devices for life, medical equipment, rehabilitation, medical nutrition. There are also people who have not been able to obtain an accurate diagnosis for years and therefore cannot receive propriate treatment - they need help in payment for the diagnostics.

About the Charitable Foundation "Orphanni Synytsi"
The Foundation was established in 2018 to support people with rare (orphan) diseases. Since then through the activities of the Foundation, there have been raised more than UAH 1.8 million of charitable funds and provided support to 100 patients (as of June 30, 2021).

– supporting people with rare (orphan) diseases in Ukraine.

- improving the quality of life of people with rare diseases in Ukraine. This means that patients can live longer, reach their retirement age, have their own children, work and benefit the State, and be fully valid members of society.

- drawing the attention of socially responsible business to the problems of rare disease patients, raising public awareness about rare diseases;

- providing information and support of legal and psychological issues to rare disease patients and their families through the "Help Line"0-800-600-911;

- implementation of systemic charity projects to meet crucial needs of rare disease patients in medicines, medical devices and nutrition, special medical equipment, diagnostics, rehabilitation if these needs are not covered by State and / or local budgets.

- The founders of the Foundation have been actively collaborating not only with public unions and organizations, but also with government agencies - the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, regional State health departments, hospitals, uniting the efforts of medical experts to provide highly specialized medical care to rare disease patients.

SUPPORTING THE FOUNDATION`S PROJECTS by socially responsible business and the community means giving people with rare diseases a chance for a better quality of life.
      Partnership with "Global Giving"
      We would like to say BIG THANK YOU to our donors for support of the Foundation`s charity project on the international platform Global Giving

      Your donations are very important for us. Thanks to your participation in our project we have the opportunity to provide rare diseases patients with life-saving respiratory medical equipment. We have also been permitted to submit additional charity projects at Global Giving in order to engage more donors and help more people living with rare diseases.

      The above became possible due to the strong support of donors. The Foundation has met successfully all requirements of the fundraising campaign applicable to new members in September 2021 and on the 6th of October we've received an official confirmation of our status as a permanent partner of the international community Global Giving

          Rare disease patients
          need your support!

          To support people living with rare diseases, the Foundation raises funds to pay for treatment and diagnotics, purchasing medical equipment and covering other crucial needs of patients.
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